The afterglow is waring off. Getting my autism diagnosis relieved me of the ‘what’ I’d been searching for, but not the ‘how.’ And it’s hitting me. Hard. Late-diagnosed autism is a jagged little pill. I spent the last 37 years tirelessly learning how to be the me the world wanted me to be to needing… Continue reading afterglow


To ensure visitation by pollinators, the Bee Orchid utilizes a specialized form of floral mimicry in which its blossom develops with the appearance and odor of female bees in order to attract male bees. Pretty clever, huh? This mechanism is harmless to bees, other than being dishonest for the sake of survival. But I can’t… Continue reading masking


Compassion listens, learns, accepts responsibility for offenses, holds space for rest and healing, and is sensitive to traumatic stress and suffering. We all need it and deserve it. If our compassionate words and actions don’t include compassion toward black community members, our compassion is incomplete. If we feel uncomfortable or inconvenienced by the suggestion to… Continue reading compassion

the art of making others uncomfortable

I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t curious about insects. A behavior almost always discouraged and deflated by others over the years, especially as a little girl. So I learned to hold my curiosity closer. To keep it quieter. To hide the parts of me that made others uncomfortable. I learned… Continue reading the art of making others uncomfortable


Knowing the difference between certain medical plants and their nefarious look-alikes can spare foragers and wildcrafters from a world of hurt. In some cases, death. The good news is one can easily learn this skill after a bit of solid study and a few seasons field practice. If only discerning between toxic and non-toxic people… Continue reading look-alikes